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TAE Podcast

TAE Podcast

TAE Podcast

No need to have experience in recording a Podcast?

We want to offer this service to young business’s wanting to push their brand. We want to help build your brand awareness, generating more business and drive traffic to your website and social media pages.

We want students/young adults who want to have a “laugh” and give it a go. We want to encourage new talent and have fun while doing so!

We want bands that can use Podcasts to push their name alongside playing at venues.

Yes we do the “serious stuff” of helping business grow but want people to also simply enjoy the process of making a podcast, stress free and doing it for no real motive other than to enjoy themselves.

Everyone is different as some people turn to podcasts for entertainment; others tune in for information relevant to their careers or lifestyle. A podcast is your opportunity to give them what they want.

If you have a passion, it’s a sure bet that others feel the same way and are craving a connection.

The most important thing about making a podcast is stepping up to the mic and delivering content.

Begin that audio adventure today!

Included in initial price

  • A comfortable, relaxed setting
  • A set up for up to 4 people
  • The latest in Podcast equipment by Rode
  • Recording software managed by us
  • Choose a raw recording or a produced copy
  • We can publish the Podcast for you
  • Option for us to edit and publish your Podcast
  • Option to video record your Podcast
  • Marketing options available
  • Free Tea and Coffee Facilities
  • Free Car Parking
  • Options for refreshments
  • On site advice

Business Package

Podcasts are a great way to show off your brand to new audiences. It allows you to be creative with your content and really explain your brand. It is a very cost effective marketing plan and allows you to push the podcast as a source of advertising.

  • A day of recording (8 hours) – This is enough time to record 6 30 minute episodes. This is recommended within the industry as a good opening platform.
  • Up to 4 people can be recorded
  • Provide a script guide to keep you focused
  • All equipment set up and recording is managed
  • Our team will then edit your work so it runs smoothly and cuts out any “waffle”, “bloopers” and background noise.
  • You will receive an MP3 copy of all the episodes
  • Lunch time refreshments
  • Once you receive your edited podcast you are free to brand, upload and distribute your Podcast. (We can do this for a fee of £40 an episode with our Podcast Hosting offer if you don’t wish to do it. This includes all artwork and summary captions with URL links for advertising)

Package Price £950

Optional Extras:
Podcast Hosting / Record a video of the Podcast / Extra days / Marketing Plans

Give It A Go Package

This is most suitable for those wanting to try a podcast without investing too much.

Simply come in, sit at the mics and chat! (Up to 4 people)

We will record it, and you receive a raw copy on USB to edit yourself and publish. (Naturally we would offer guidance on how to do this)

Room Hire £200 for 4 hours

Optional Extras:
Editing / Podcast Hosting / Artwork / Refreshments / Record a video of the Podcast

Podcast Hosting

  • We manage your hosting
  • Assist in visual branding and publishing
  • Scheduled publication and distribution to podcast providers such as Spotify, Google and Apple
  • Sound Design
  • URL’s and links provided so you can help promote your podcast through avenues like your social media pages.

£55 per Episode

Podcast Video Recording

  • You will receive an MP4 file of your Podcast recording.
  • We record in 4k
  • You will be given direction of where to look
  • Great for marketing on your social media
  • Helps promote a YouTube channel

£125 per episode
(You don’t need to record all Episodes)

Once your Podcast is recorded we work closely with a marketing team who can direct your content to the audience it was intended for. They take the time to learn your business.

Every episode can be made into multiple social media post and stories to increase your audience. They would pay more attention to the sound design of each episode and to the artwork.

Your need to ensure you keep those that have listened and that they don’t forget about you, but the marketing is also designed to attract new listeners.

You may choose to record the Podcast visually as well and the marketing team involved can assist in this.

If you are looking for a more professional and polished finish then this is strongly recommended.

We have a skilled sound engineer who will meticulously listen through all your content to ensure each episode offers the highest quality.

Naturally background sounds will be removed but it’s the sound editing that enhances a listeners enjoyment, and therefore increasing their attention to detail. Don’t under estimate the power of intro’s and outro’s.

These sound edits will work perfectly in the Podcast episodes but also alongside your Podcast marketing too. It is these that your audience will associate with your brand.

So Let’s Record A Podcast Together

Get In Touch

If you have any questions or would like to book a Podcast recording then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Fill in this form or simply give us a call on 01260 591415

Opening Hours:
Monday – Saturday 9AM – 5PM

You can also contact us via Facebook or Instagram. Where we try to be available to answer enquiries 24hrs a day.