What is a podcast?

A podcast isa program made available in a digital format in which it can be downloaded over the internet. For example, an episodic series of digital audio files that a user can download to a personal device to listen to at a time of choosing. It is a huge growing market and many celebrities are jumping on the band wagon.

How will I know what to do?

You won’t need to know how to record a Podcast. We have someone onsite for your day who will talk you through what to do and handle all the confusing technology. It will all be set up ready for when you arrive.

How many can be in a podcast?

In our studio we cater for 4 guests. Each have their own headphones and microphone and can sit back in one of our chairs and chat freely.

Do you provide scripts for Podcasts?

We do have someone that can do a loose script which basically steers the conversation to continually move forward and a tight script which is a lot more rigid.

Can I park for free?

We have free car parking on site. Step out your car into our Podcast studio.

Can I record my podcast visually?

Yes, we offer a service that records your Podcast and this can be used in your marketing. It also allows you to upload it on to uTube. It will be in full HD 1080p.

Do I get refreshments?

When recording your Podcast you get complimentary bottled water, tea and coffee. For an additional price we do offer a food menu.

Can you or I distribute my podcast once it is created?

Yes, of course. We will set up a hosting account that we feel is best suited to your needs, help with logo creation, advise on the best way to structure your show notes, metadata/keywords and discuss with you the realistic frequency of output (Once a month? Twice a month? Weekly?)

We will then feed the podcast to all major apps such as Apple, Spotify, Google and Amazon and even create promotional assets for you to use such as audiograms and audio snippets.

What benefits does a Podcast have for my business?

This could be a very long answer but in general it allows your customers to understand you and your product. It allows them to buy into you as people and not just the service or product that you are pushing.

How can my podcast be promoted?

Once a podcast episode is made, we strongly advise creating promotional assets such as audiograms and audio snippets that can be used on social media channels to drive traffic to the full episode.
Social media and reaching out to existing contacts (via an email list, for example) remain the most effective ways of building an audience without additional expenditure.

We also work closely with marketing companies should you wish to invest in further marketing, you will need to consider advertising (through other podcasts, for example) or engaging the services of a dedicated marketing manager.