Sneak Peak🙈

Here’s a sneak peak of the podcast room so far!

We finally have the furniture in the room to create that ‘cozy’ setting for our guests. By using creams and neutral colours in the room, this gives anyone using the podcast room the opportunity to ‘glam up’ the space with their colours of branding or decorate how wanted.
There is a comfy two seater sofa opposite two matching seating chairs decorated with neutral fluffy pillows and throws. By each side of the sofas is a little side table that will hold the mic.

There is 2 different lighting settings for you to choose from. We have our big square lights that light the whole room with cool white or little ceiling lights down the middle of the room that fill the room with a warm white that can be dimmed by a switch. The choice is yours to set the mood.

Keep your eyes peeled for the set up of all electrics to complete the room!